Accelerated Weathering Tester Analysis


Accelerated aging is damage caused by prolonged exposure of a simulated material or coating to the outdoors.

UV weathering tester Standard:    

ASTM G154,ISO 4892,ASTM D4329,ASTM D4587,SAE J2020

Accelerated weathering tester using fluorescent UV lamps can provide ultraviolet radiation spectrum, by forcing condensation control humidity, through the heater temperature control. It will test samples exposed to different aging conditions (ultraviolet irradiation temperature humidity).

Measuring the impact of these aging factors on the material aging accelerated ageing time and outdoor exposure time no direct link, but can be controlled conditions after the accelerated aging test of materials and coating performance and long exposure in the record to compare the performance of materials.

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester Test Procedure

Prepare 20 samples placed on UV weathering test chamber, experience a period of intense UV exposure roller according to different samples of end-use requirements set by the loop condition. for example, a typical equipment external accessories cycle: 70 temperature 8 h, ultraviolet radiation and then 50 temperature condensation 4 h these cycles can be recycled to thousands of hours to simulate the reality of the environment for a longer time.

After accelerated aging of materials, the performance of exposed samples and unexposed samples can be compared. And the performance of exposed samples after different periods of time (500,1000,and 2000h) can be compared, mainly depending on the actual demand.

uv light accelerated weathering tester

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